We cannot discuss enamel on copper in Québec without mentioning the exemplary work of the duo formed by Micheline de Passillé and her partner Yves Sylvestre. This couple of self-taught artisans experimented and innovated continuously in the practice of copper, silver, and gold enamelling. Their designs were gifted to visiting foreign dignitaries and were featured in high-profile fashion shows held at the top of the Eaton’s store in downtown Montreal. During the 1970s, they became a model of the successful linkage of artisanal, artistic, and industrial practices. Thanks to their passion, their creative vision, and above all, a lot of hard work, the art of de Passillé Sylvestre has shaped and enriched the history of crafts for more than 25 years. This exhibition reveals the secrets of their success and offers a privileged access to unique works and series pieces as well as archival documents from their studio.

Exhibition based on the research work of the École du Louvre students in 2019.

Works from the MUMAQ collection and Micheline de Passillé.

Curator: Bruno Andrus