First-year students at Cégep de Saint-Laurent come up with drawings and paintings whose breadcrumb trail is the exploitation of texture. Through fine observation of the surface of a fabric, a coat, a plant, the students unveil the fine line creating the appearance of reality. As for the chromatic texture, it is revealed by a variety of traces left by the brush. Through this gesture, the student manages to define the surface of objects and make the material visible.

Students : Alexia Babin, Lila-May Benoit, Eve Berthiaume, Marion Bour, Eva Burja, Mégane Carvalho, Laura Champagne, Alice Couture, Kytrie Lavoie, Clara Lebel, Marie-Ève Leduc, Justin Lévesque, Chiyuki Miyai-Martin, Daphnée Portelance, Alice Rochefort, Chloé Sauval, Amélia Slama, Maria Tarnopolski, Jenny Tieu, Diana Tovar, Mathilde Tremblay

Teacher : Joëlle Morosoli