The ASPM-Association des sculpteur·e·s de pierre celebrate their 30th anniversary at MUMAQ!

Come and discover 30 unique works created by 30 artists from the Association. In this brand new exhibition where stone is showcased and transformed according to the imagination of each artist.

Every stone has its own history, its age, its journey, before being entrusted to the hands of those who, amidst the noise of tools and through a cloud of dust, will give birth to a work of art.

This beautiful passion that has driven these artists for 30 years helps to keep stone sculpture alive, to update it, and most importantly, to introduce it to the general public.


Artists' Encounter:

An artists' encounter is a special moment between the audience and artists who are eager to guide art enthusiasts during their visit. They will strive to demystify the ancient art of stone sculpture that spans several millennia. They can explain their artistic process, each having their approach to "taking control of a stone" or "letting the stone express itself", giving it a shape, texture, and polish that can captivate the heart and eye of the artist, and those of the viewer. These wandering visits will be offered without reservation on these dates:

  • Sunday, Nov. 5th, morning, 10am-12pm (with François Léveillé, Jean-Paul Bertrand, André Derouin, and Iris Levine)
  • Wednesday, Nov. 22nd, afternoon, 1pm-3pm (with Pierre Noreau, Marcelin Fortin, Lucie Nadeau, Serge Le Guerrier)
  • Sunday, Dec. 3rd, morning, 10am-12pm (with Marie Landry, Renée Morin, Lise Gagnon, Lise Deschâtelets)
  • Wednesday, Dec. 13th, afternoon, 1pm-3pm (with Marcelin Fortin, Serge Pelletier, Myriam Grégoire)
  • Sunday, Jan. 7th, morning, 10am-12pm (with Eugène Jankowski, Marie-Josée Leroux, and Serge Le Guerrier)
  • Wednesday, Jan. 17th, afternoon, 1pm-3pm (artists to be announced)