This exhibition brings together works produced during a period of confinement, based on lessons given on the zoom platform. The visual arts students at Cégep de Saint-Laurent worked at home, without using the department's workshops and technical aids. Some works produced under "normal" learning conditions have slipped into these zoom productions. Will you be able to detect them?

Courses represented:

Digital photography, Visual language, Drawing II, Pictorial organization and Pictorial exploration.


Bradley Annor-Larbi, Mathilde Brochu, Maude Chavrette, Ariane Eme-Rodrigue, Océane Fortier, Léo-Joe Gauthier, Alexia Germain, Sara Horvat, Ella-Stella Inamuco, Gabrielle Lemieux, Rosalie Mowatt, Maria Nanu, Leo Nault, Catherine Ouellet, Robert Paiement, Émile Picard, Zoé Sabardu, Tatiana Statteri, Audrey Tardif, Zoé Zachary Robert.



Simon Bertrand, Chantal Durand, Joëlle Morosoli