Dive into the heart of this temporary exhibition with a series of five conferences.

· August 7th and August 24th, 2pm: From the Pharaonic era, to the Greek, Roman and Islamic conquests, Egyptian history and textile art intersect to tell the story of an ancient cultural tradition. The exhibition co-curator Samir Chacour presents the history of textile art in Egypt. The August 7th lecture is free for all and the August 24th lecture is included in the price of admission.

· September 4th, 2pm: Along the Nile, presented by co-curator André Azzam. Discover the genesis of the Akhmîm community center project. Free conference.

· October 1st, 2pm: Akhmîm : A Human Adventure. Much more than an artistic enterprise, the production of embroideries contributes to the social, cultural and economic development of the women of Akhmim. In the company of André Azzam and Siham Wasfi, come and discover the multiple facets of a unique creative project. Free conference.

· October 2, 2pm: Naive Art in the Embroideries of Akhmîm. This event will be an opportunity to learn about naive art while benefiting from the experiences and reflections of an emeritus specialist. Michel Forest is a museologist and director of the Musée international d'Art naïf de Magog. He has been studying this type of art for over 30 years. Free conference.