The MUMAQ offers a 2-hour summer camp package which includes a guided tour and a creative workshop. Our mediators can also come to the summer camp to offer activities!

The activities are designed for children between 5 to 13 years old. You can create your own formula:

Interactive Visits
Choose one of the following tours:

  1. Ideas in your hands (ages 5 and up)
    During this tour, children will marvel at the colours, patterns, and skills of local artisans. They will get to handle objects from the museum's collection.
  2. Cursed! : Superstitions and popular beliefs (10 years and up)
    During this visit, children will learn about superstitions and popular beliefs related to everyday objects.
  3. Protest through Craft (Ages 10+)
    From World War II spy-knitters to the weathervane thieves' club, young people will discover the potential for protest that lies within arts and crafts.
  4. I work at the museum (ages 12+)
    This tour focuses on the behind-the-scenes aspects of the museum. Young people will experience the steps leading to the conception of an exhibition, from the initial idea to the installation. The visit will be followed by a workshop for apprentice curators.


Creative Workshops
Choose a creative workshop from the following:

  1. Bracelet workshop (5 years and up)
    Creation of a friendship bracelet using coloured threads.
  2. Tie-dye workshop (5 years and up)
    Introduction to the tie-dye technique by making coloured wipes.
  3. Apprentice curator workshop (12 years and up)
    Young people will learn how to handle museum objects and how to make a condition report, an important task for curators. They will be able to practice directly on objects from the museum's collection.


Rates for summer camps at the museum
7$+tx per child, chaperones get in free

Rates for visit to the summer camp
1 group : $190
2 groups or more in the same day : $170 (per group)

Transportation: free within the SL borough and within a 10km radius of the Museum. If the summer camp is more than 10km from the museum, calculate $0.61/km extra for the mediators' round trip.